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Why I created the summit…

It is my passion to support creators because I know they are powerful agents of transformation in the world. I love to see creators step into their calling with power, confidence, and courage.

The Intentional Creator Summit was inspired by my earlier creative entrepreneurial self who often felt overwhelmed and discouraged. I found that career and entrepreneurship resources for artists were lacking and most of what was available didn’t feel like a fit.

My (short-version) story

First and foremost, I am an artist. When I went through art school and completed my MFA, there was not much taught about earning a living and certainly nothing about entrepreneurship. I later saw time and time again how artists had the talent to succeed, but lacked information, confidence, and support to turn their talents into income even though artists are natural entrepreneurs.

I have also been an entrepreneur for the last ten years. During that time, I have run businesses, worked as a solopreneur, and worked with many clients on their brands. I have certainly had many ‘learn the hard way’ lessons and moments of wishing I’d known things sooner. What I did learn was that creativity is a powerful skill that can be leveraged powerfully when it is applied with intention. That’s where the summit comes in! You’ll see many examples of diverse ways that people are exploring creative lives and careers.

Creators are agents of transformation

Part of being a creator is making up the path as you go. No expert can give you all the answers, but by listening to and learning from others, we greatly improve our chances of success and can hopefully skip past some of the hard lessons along the way! You will see various paths that people have taken to create their own versions of success. There is no one fits all approach. I hope the talks will inspire you to trust even more deeply in your own next steps and your path, through all of the wonderful and challenging moments. I certainly enjoyed listening to each person’s story and deeply appreciate the wisdom shared.

I look forward to sharing the talks soon and am grateful you’re here!

Lisa Borin Miller, Your Intentional Creator Summit Host

You can learn more about me here.

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